Wishes Fulfilled!


Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Practice feeling a thought that you have inserted into your imagination. Remember that a feeling is what you feel in your body as you contemplate what it is you wish to manifest or who you would like to become. close your eyes and experience what you would like in your body.  Work with sensations that are not only your experience of what you are imagining in your body but are triggers that assist you in moving from a thought to a hardened physical reality.

Whatever feeling you are attempting to notice in your body regarding your wishes or desire, bathe in in love-the synonym for God. Imagine what you want. Imagine and feel that love as if you were now in possession of it. Continue dong this using love, until your desire actually belongs to you.  During this process remind yourself that the more love (God) you offer, the sooner desire becomes reality.  look into your mirror fearlessly, saying, I not only love you – I am love.

Acquaint yourself with the subconscious mind. Your piece of subconscious mind acts on what you program into it so that it becomes your automatic mind acting habitually.   Decide on a habit that you would like to be automatic-being generous, for example.  Tell yourself, I am a generous person. Give something away in a spirit of generosity, even if it’s only a small coin or a word of encouragement.



The Prosperity Game!


Final Chapter!

A friend said to us recently, “Abraham, I don’t think you care if my lover ever comes to me. I think you want me to get so good at imagining him that I don’t notice that he’s not here.” And we said, That is exactly right, because when you are imagining that he is here, then, in your joy, in that moment, you vibrate in a place where you summon and allow God Force – Life Force – to flow through you.  And there is nothing more wonderful than that.

And then we said, Oh, and buy the way, when you get there, he cannot not come.  But as long as your desire for him to come is more about your awareness that he has not come, not only can he not come, but the misery that you are feeling in that moment is because you are choosing a vibration that does not allow the Energy that your desire is summoning.

Joyously playing this Prosperity Game will not only improve your financial state of being, but every aspect of your life will improve as well.  It will not only help you activate more vibrations around things that you want, but it will assist you in focusing, more of the time, in a way that allow the things that you want tio flow into yur experience.

Playing this game will cause you to offer a more expansive, expectant vibration.  And it is our promise to you that manifestations will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.





Keep in mind that Source energy is ever present. You can summon Source energy just by returning to thoughts of the infinite possibilities and your own sense of feeling good (which is just another way of feeling the presence of God).


When you find it difficult to move into this alignment, put more attention on your feeling-self concerning your desires. For example, if that same old shortage of money surfaces, you may find that you can’t stop yourself from being upset about the fact that you still believe that more cash would be your proof that this is working. Try something different, and let the energy of what you’re feeling reveal what’s blocking your alignment. Even if you have to borrow a few hundred dollars just to carry around with you and get the sensation of abundance, feeling prosperous, safe, secure, and positive concerning the flow of money will gradually align you with an abundant Source. This has been my way since I was a little boy.


I’ve attracted money into my life because I always felt prosperous and deserving. That feeling motivated me to act, and I loved carrying groceries or collecting soda-pop bottles or mowing lawns. My little bank account was growing while my brothers and friends spoke so often about not having enough cash. Prosperity has never failed to flow into my life. I know in my heart of hearts that the journey from despair to hope and on to prosperity and abundance can be achieved with realigned thinking. I know because I’ve done it for a lifetime, and I trusted this under circumstances where it never could have been predicted that I’d emerge with unlimited prosperity as my calling card.


Silently repeat the following: I get what I think about, and I am choosing from here on in to think in harmony with my Source of being until it is habitual!” This is your alignment, your harmony, your Divine vibration—your doorway to wishes fulfilled.



The Prosperity Game!


Day Three As Promised!


By writing the checks, using your imagination, writing the memos, focusing as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write the checks because there is no fear of overspending, you will achieve what is necessary in the achievement of anything: You will have made a statement of desire while you are in the state of non-resistance or better said, in the state of allowing.

So, not only will you have the benefit of an expanded imagination, but your point of attraction will shift and your life experience will then shift as well.  Not only will your financial situation improve, but all manner of things that you have focused upon with pleasure will begin to flow into your experience.

You can start the game or stop it, and you can play it in any way you like.  There are no rules; there is nothing that you should or should not do. In other words, pick it up and play with it. Spend as much as you want. But the important thing is: Do your best to exercise your imagination.

If you were a sculptor on your first day of sculpting, you would not take your big clump of clay and throw it down on the table and say, “oh, it didn’t turn out right.” You would mold it. You would get better at it. You would get more clay. You would get different color clay. You would find a way to continue to evolve in your creative endeavor. And yet, when it comes to the creation that you mold with the clay of the Energy that creates worlds, most of you make no conscious effort to direct your thought.  In other words, it is as if somebody else took the clay and threw it down there, and now you spend your life just talking about how it looks.

“Well that didn’t turn out very good. My parents should have done something different about that,”  or ” The economy should be doing something different than that,” or”there is injustice or unfairness.” or “I don’t like the way somebody else dealt with that.” And we say, Get your hands in your own clay! Summon the Energy through the power of your desire, and mold it through the power of your imagination.




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